Born and raised in Los Angeles, T. Lloyd Winetsky has been an educator for more than four decades.

   After six months in the Peace Corps, his first teaching post was in South-Central L.A.–six classes of low-income seventh-graders. It was the spring of 1968, when Martin Luther King was assassinated.

   That event, the violence that followed, and then Robert Kennedy's assassination all had a great impact on Winetsky's life. They validated his life's mission, and he devoted his work to those who lack access to quality education. Those first teaching experiences were germane to both the setting and conflicts of his historical novel, Los Angeles, 1968: Happy Ranch To Watts, published in April, 2014, by Pen-L Publishing. Pen-L has also republished his first two novels (below) as part of the American Teachers Series. All four of Winetsky's books are "stand-alone" novels, and also available for e-readers at Pen-L and Amazon.

   After 1968, Winetsky returned to college for his certification, then taught English and Spanish to students of all ages in the Southwest and Northwest, including four years in Alaska. A school administrator for some of those years, he retired from full-time work in 1998 after surviving a brain aneurysm and stroke. He was a Bilingual Education specialist in Yakima, Washington at the time, where he is currently a part-time volunteer for La Casa Hogar, working with adult farm workers.

   Winetsky faithfully writes every day. His rich stories are woven with real life experiences. In 2008, he published Grey Pine (Book I in the American Teachers Series), a psychological/historical novel set during the devastating ash fall after the eruption of Mount St. Helens. The book harkens to the years he lived in Eastern Washington in the 1980s.

   Initially published in 2010, María Juana's Gift (Book II in the American Teachers Series), is a fictional account of a tragic, preventable human medical error; it is set in 1976 on the Arizona/Mexico border. The novel is inspired by the struggle that the author and his wife had in trying to save their infant daughter.

   Winetsky's fourth novel, Belagana-Belazana (Book IV in the American Teachers Series) will be published in January of 2017. It takes place in the Navajo Nation, where he taught for five years. He lives near Yakima with his wife of 47 years, Kathleen, a Special Education teacher. They have four grown children.

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