Los Angeles, 1968: Happy Ranch To Watts by T. Lloyd Winetsky is a story that reflects the changing paradigms of a nation, society, and its educational systems. Equally important, it is also the story of changing dynamics between people of diverse racial backgrounds that is still relevant today.

Although he is inexperienced, Allen Greene's ability to challenge, nurture, motivate and set high expectations for his students is unusual indeed. His ability to look beyond the color of his students and their backgrounds sets him apart from the majority of the staff.

A climactic showdown with a band of gangsters, then another with a sinister teacher don't jibe with the rapport Allen has developed with many students and his teaching mentor. He is torn between the stark negatives of the school environment and his newly found sense of service.

Winetsky's historical novel chronicles the struggles of our society along with Allen's everyday dealings with staff, students and administration. Los Angeles, 1968: Happy Ranch To Watts is truly inspirational, a must read for anyone concerned about the conditions that have plagued our schools from past to present.